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I’ve created a special gift package just for those of you who’ve come here from my interview with Manda. Please take a look and select what calls to you.

In response to Manda’s inquiry, I created a PDF with a way for you to assess yourself as to how Sovereign you are based on the 8 Pillars of Feminine Sovereignty.

Please use this as a self knowledge and self development tool, not as a way to judge yourself!!

You’ll also receive guidance on ways you can build your capacity in each of the Pillars if you choose to do so. 

I’m excited to hear from you about what you receive from this inquiry what you choose to do next on your evolutionary journey into Feminine Sovereignty.

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Are you tired of feeling disempowered and disaffected in the face of the big challenges we’re facing in our world?

Are you looking for ways to make a difference in the world, yet know you do not want to replicate the power-over versions of leadership so prominent today?

Are you ready to grow yourself into the person you know you can be so that you can live your purpose and make the contribution you came here to make?

If any of these resonate for you, I encourage you to check out a free program I created last fall that gew out of Women Evolving Our World Conference. My intention with the program is to explore new ways of experiencing and expressing power and leadership based in the 8 Pillars of Feminine Sovereignty.

I invite you to participate in co-creating new versions of what’s possible in the spirit of Thrutopia by engaging with the ideas, questions, and provocations offered in this mini-program.


Watch this introductory video that Maggie created for the Women Evolving Our World Conference held in October 2021.

Click HERE to learn more about the conference.

Click HERE to visit to Maggie’s thriving YouTube Channel.

Who is Maggie Ostara, PhD?

A recovering academic, Maggie Ostara, PhD left her prestigious job as the Director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Columbia University when she realized that she’s not meant to work for anyone else. (She now knows this is part of her Human Design!)

Maggie is an Amazon #1 best-selling author, arousing public speaker, beloved teacher, and highly intuitive and skilled mentor-coach. When they work with her, Maggie’s clients deepen their sense of destiny and true value, develop their Feminine Sovereignty, and live into their own definitions of success. 

Maggie is a certified Quantum Human Design Specialist Level 4, a certified Clarity Breathwork practitioner, a certified Radiant Body Yoga teacher, online education expert, and developer of the Eight Pillars of Feminine Sovereignty and the Six Feminine Sovereign Archetypes.

She has served tens of thousands of students, and hundred of clients all over the world through her online programs. She lives on occupied Pomo land in Northern California with her black feline familiar and her NB teenager.